Seeding cells into AIM chips is easy and straightforward. The following tips and tricks will help you master this important step.


  1. Ports have to be filled with medium before seeding cells into the channels. Filled ports allow the cell suspension to flow into the media channels.
  2. Inject the cell suspension by positioning the pipette tip near the inlets. Do not insert the tip completely into the inlets to avoid introducing cells into the media channels at a high flow rate. High flows will not allow cells to settle along the channel, resulting in uneven distribution.
  3. Inject the cell suspension twice into the same media channel, one for each of the connected inlets to ensure even distribution of cells in the channel.
  4. Set up differential volumes of medium in the media channels if cells need to be seeded on the gel interface. The interstitial flow generated by the differential volumes will drive cells to attach on the gel interface in the channel with more medium.
  5. Always lay chips on a flat surface while seeding cells into AIM chips unless the cells need to be seeded on a particular surface primarily. For instance, you may incline the chips 90 ° on the short side to allow gravity-driven flow to carry the cells to the gel interface, without having to set up differential volumes of medium between the two media channels. This method requires tight control on the inclining angle and settling time.