One of the benefits of AIM chips is the ability to seed cells within a 3D hydrogel. This may sound challenging at first but it can be as simple as hydrogel filling once you learn how.


  1. Always take the osmolarity of the final hydrogel solution into consideration when preparing a hydrogel solution with cells. The osmolarity of the hydrogel solution should be identical to 1X PBS or the cell culture medium for the cells.
  2. To save time, you can derive the hydrogel recipe with cells based on the recipe without cells (if you had worked it out earlier).
  3. Some hydrogels may require components such as NaOH, which can affect cell viability. Such hydrogels should be mixed homogenously before adding the cell suspension at the end.
  4. Pipette the hydrogel solution (with cells in it) with extra care to avoid generating bubbles. Bubble rupture may damage the cells.
  5. Exercise the tips and tricks for filling gel as discussed in this thread.