We have designed the ports for rapid medium exchange without the risk of over-aspiration.

  1. Use an aspirator instead of a pipette to remove medium from the ports more efficiently. The cells in the channels will not be disturbed during medium removal due to the unique design of the ports.
  2. Always position the tip of aspirator in the troughs of the ports. Do not aspirate medium from the inlets to avoid accidental removal of medium from the channels.
  3. Use at least 30 µl of medium per port to ensure the inlet and trough are sufficiently wetted. We recommend using at least 50 µl of medium per port for easier handling.
  4. Set up differential volumes in the connected ports off the same channel (e.g. 50 µl in one port and 70 µl in the other port). The medium in the ports will equilibrate, replacing old medium in the channel with new medium.