The AIM Biotech product family is getting multiplied

AIM’s 3D cell culture technology has always been about empowering preclinical research with better data and more predictive, humanized models. Powered by technology developed in the research labs of Dr. Roger Kamm at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the flexibility of our models to scale up with every stage of research is a key benefit that AIM customers enjoy. Now, that flexibility itself is getting scaled up. Meet idenTx.

idenTx: 3D Cell Culture Simplified, Standardized, Multiplied

The tried and tested DAX-1 chip you may already know and work with is now part of a larger organ-on-a-chip product family that offers new levels of throughput. From the most demanding basic research, to predictive screens for drug discovery, to the tailored selection of precision medicines, idenTx enables sophisticated organ-on-a-chip assays and complex human tissue models.

Simplified: DAX-1 is now the idenTx 3 chip

Proven by research teams across the globe, the idenTx 3 organ-on-a-chip assay puts 3D human biology at scientists’ fingertips, accelerating their workflow as they face the most challenging problems in drug research and discovery. Featuring three experiments per chip, the idenTx 3 is ideal for establishing experimental feasibility and assay development, all in a package that’s compatible with standard lab equipment.

idenTx 9 Plate

Standardized: the idenTx 9 plate

Built around the successful features of the idenTx 3 chip, the nine-experiment idenTx 9 plate increases experimental throughput when scaling up for use with laboratory automation, all while retaining the trademark ease-of-use you expect from an AIM chip.

idenTx 40

Multiplied: the idenTx 40 plate

Elevate throughput to the next level. When it comes to predictive screening and high-volume drug discovery, settle for nothing less. The idenTx 40 enables forty parallel experiments on a single plate, ideal for running sophisticated, human-relevant assays at scale.

Gathering more predictive, human-relevant data is what AIM Biotech is all about. Want to discuss how idenTx can transform your drug discovery research? Use the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of this page, and we’ll reach out to you—or check out our Contact Us page. Also be sure to look at how our contract research services can help streamline your workflow.