Human Data Can’t Wait for Clinical Trials.


Accelerating drug discovery with AIM Biotech’s humanized BioAvatar products & services.

From the most demanding basic research, to predictive screens for drug discovery, to the tailored selection of precision medicines, AIM Biotech enables and accelerates the development of cutting-edge therapeutics. This is made possible through AIM Biotech’s BioAvatar technology, which embodies our core expertise in the design and manufacture of sophisticated microfluidic systems and human tissue models. Our BioAvatars combine unmatched recapitulation of human biology with unparalleled ease-of-use, resulting in a powerful solution to move medicine forward.

BioAvatars enable:

Humanized pre-clinical insights

Humanized pre-clinical insights for increased predictability of clinical outcomes

drug discovery process

Acceleration of the drug discovery process through easy-to-implement humanized organ-on-a-chip models

Replacement of animal models

Replacement of animal models in pre-clinical trials

Introducing the idenTx platform

The humanized 3D tissue culture platform for drug discovery

Easy-to-use. Flexible. Scalable. AIM Biotech’s idenTx line of 3D tissue culture chips and plates enable predictive human BioAvatars that recapitulate human microphysiology more accurately than traditional cell culture or animal models. Available in formats for 3, 9, and 40 parallel experiments, idenTx multiplies your throughput in alignment with your drug discovery programs. 

All with no special equipment and in conjunction with your existing laboratory workflow and automation. With the new idenTx platform, AIM Biotech has taken our proven AIM chips and plates to the next level of scalability and refinement, enabling human-focused, clinically-relevant results that accelerate the development of cutting-edge therapies.

Human biology-on-a-chip. Simplified.

idenTx 40

idenTx 3 Chip

AIM Biotech’s proven 3D Cell Culture Chip, DAX-1

This is AIM Biotech’s proven 3D Cell Culture Chip, now part of the idenTx family. Designed in a microscope slide format, this most basic component of the idenTx family enables 3 simultaneous experiments. It is ideal for establishing experimental feasibility or for general low-throughput applications.

Human biology-on-a-chip. Standardized.

idenTx 9 Plate

idenTx 9 Plate

Three fully-integrated idenTx 3 Chips enable 9 simultaneous experiments; scale up for introduction of plate-based robotics and automation.

Human biology-on-a-chip. Multiplied.

idenTx 40

idenTx 40 Plate

Highest throughput plate option, enabling 40 simultaneous experiments to fully accelerate drug discovery through high-content screening.

Human Data. Experimental Simplicity.
Scalability without Compromise.

Unmatched ease-of-use

Unmatched ease-of-use: no special handling, no special training, no special hardware

idenTx Family
Built-in scalability

Built in Scalability to take your research from feasibility to higher throughput screening

Your study. Our lab. Human data.

Contract research services for humanized, organ-on-a-chip studies

With AIM Biotech contract research services, increasing throughput while maintaining assay sophistication is our expertise. Our pharma-focused solutions combine speed and simplicity with the ability to model complex tissues that you expect from organ-on-a-chip assays.

Let AIM Biotech accelerate your drug discovery programs using our humanized BioAvatar Technology in our state-of-the-art research services lab. Our team can even work with you to design, develop, and execute custom assays to deliver human-focused, clinically-relevant results that move your drug discovery programs forward.

Custom assay development

Custom assay development

Custom assay development

Rapid humanized throughput

Functional immuno-oncology assays

Functional immuno-oncology assays

Answer primary research questions

Answer primary research questions

Data on routine screens

Data on routine screens

In-vitro organ models

In-vitro organ models

Your path to predictive data and insightful diagnostics.


Simple-to-use, fully scalable microfluidic systems in plate and chip formats to recapitulate human physiology.



Validated protocols in T-cell efficiency, immunotherapies, cell migration, vasculogenesis and more



Custom assay development and higher-throughput, high-content screening with assays of  your choice

Reportable’s software and service helps companies be heard and make sense of what’s being said.


Feasibility studies
Drug/target ID
Mechanism of action
Assay development

Drug Discovery

In vitro screening
Lead optimization
ADME toxicity studies
Safety pharmacology


Cohort selection
Personal/targeted Tx
Clinical avatar