Scale up your study without compromise: Introducing the idenTx 40 plate

Meet the idenTx 40. Using the same technology as our proven idenTx 3 chip, scaled to accommodate 40 independent experiments fully integrated into a standard SBS plate format. The idenTx 40 Plate handles just like any other SBS plate and is ready to fit right into your existing laboratory automation, enabling the high-content screening abilities critically needed and fully expected.

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The idenTx 40 Plate enables human-focused, clinically relevant results that accelerate the development of cutting-edge therapies. Tell us about your experimental needs.  We can determine the best way for you get started fast.

Gathering more predictive, human-relevant data is what AIM Biotech is all about. Want to discuss how idenTx can transform your drug discovery research? Use the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of this page, and we’ll reach out to you—or check out our Contact Us page. Also be sure to look at how our contract research services can help streamline your workflow.