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organiX is an easy-to-use 3D tissue culture platform specifically developed for larger tissues. Now you can easily recreate the complexities of the human tissue microenvironment for more meaningful human data, all at the preclinical stage.


idenTx makes it easy to create 3D microphysiological systems for your molecular research, drug discovery and development, and design of targeted therapeutics.

The organiX system from AIM Biotech is a revolution in Human 3D Tissue Culture.

Designed to enable drug discovery and targeted therapies in large tissue samples like biopsies, organoids, tumoroids, spheroids and tissue aggregates, organiX allows for the detailed recreation of tissue and tumor microenvironments that is missing from current organoid research.

While standard 2D tissue culture plates are convenient, they limit organoid research to free floating suspensions that lack experimental flexibility and more importantly prevent the creation of meaningful surrounding tissue context for the organoid, similar to studying the organoid in isolation.

The ability to create actual physiological context for the study of these larger tissue samples is what sets organiX apart.

organiX is an easy-to-use 3D tissue culture platform that uses a modified version of AIM Biotech’s BioAvatar-enabling microfluidic technology, specifically adapted to handle the requirements of larger tissues.

Now, you can easily recreate the complexities of the human tissue microenvironment, resulting in more meaningful, human data all at the preclinical stage.


At its core is the AIM chip, a specialized microfluidic device for performing multicellular 3D cell culture in discrete 3D and 2D compartments. The benefit is actionable insight from novel physiologically relevant data. Better and earlier clinical data increases clinical effectiveness and helps ensure the right therapy for the right patient.

The modular system fits into your current workflow without requiring the purchase or installation of dedicated equipment. Available accessories include plate holders that conform to 384 well plates, and luer connectors for the application of fluid flow.

Quickly and easily create your own assays or apply validated assay protocols, which include angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, metastasis (spheroid dispersion, intra- & extravasation), immuno-oncology (immune checkpoint, T-cell killing efficiency), 3D culture of tumor spheroids/ biopsies/ organoids, and other organotypic models.

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