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idenTx makes it easy to create 3D microphysiological systems for your molecular research, drug discovery and development, and design of targeted theraputics.


At its core is the AIM chip, a specialized microfluidic device for performing multicellular 3D cell culture in discrete 3D and 2D compartments. The benefit is actionable insight from novel physiologically relevant data. Better and earlier clinical data increases clinical effectiveness and helps ensure the right therapy for the right patient.

The modular system fits into your current workflow without requiring the purchase or installation of dedicated equipment. Available accessories include plate holders that conform to 384 well plates, and luer connectors for the application of fluid flow.

Quickly and easily create your own assays or apply validated assay protocols, which include angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, metastasis (spheroid dispersion, intra- & extravasation), immuno-oncology (immune checkpoint, T-cell killing efficiency), 3D culture of tumor spheroids/ biopsies/ organoids, and other organotypic models.

  • Long working regions are easily injectable with hydrogel, with low risk of leakage
  • Gas permeable bottom laminate ensures accurate reflections of incubator conditions (normoxic or hypoxic), without needing to use rockers or pumps.
  • Multicellular co-culture, with meaningful organization into models of biological systems
  • Control over chemical gradients and flow across the gel region and/or within the media channels
  • Able to produce an even distribution of cells throughout the entire channel, resulting in complete tubule formation.
  • Designed for generating high-resolution phase and fluorescent images.
  • Inlets for injecting hydrogel and cells make it easy to load and culture cells.

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