idenTx Holder


An improved Chip Holder that enhances user handling experiences and expands the imaging options for AIM chips. This is a sterile, single use, stackable holder that can fit up to three AIM Chips in three slots.

Each holder includes a cover.
Pack Size 10

For North America, South Korea and Singapore, order directly through our exclusive distributors in your area.

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  • New Easy fitting and removal of AIM Chips
  • New Compatible with more imaging options
  • Fits 3 AIM Chips for easy handling  (chips sold separately)
  • Positions all chip inlets for compliance with the SBS/ANSI 384-well plate standard
  • Stackable to minimise incubator space usage
  • Includes built-in reservoirs & a cover for evaporation control


  • Chip assembly
  • Chip removal
  • Humidity control


In North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), order from MatTek.
In South Korea, order from Wongbee MeDiTech
In Singapore, order from Fisher Scientific
Anywhere else, you may order directly from the AIM Biotech online store or through a distributor in your location.