Non-Animal Preclinical Models for Precision Human Clinical Insights


MatTek is Now the Exclusive Distributor for AIM Biotech idenTx and organiX 3D Tissue Culture Platforms in North America!

AIM Biotech is leading the shift from preclinical animal models to humanized in vitro physiological models for the discovery of new medicines.

Researchers and regulators around the globe know that when it comes to predicting drug efficacy, animal models too often lead us down the wrong path. That is why they are demanding non-animal, in vitro models for drug discovery research.

AIM Biotech is answering the call with our idenTx and organiX humanized 3D microfluidic platforms. These systems combine unmatched recapitulation of human biology with unparalleled ease-of-use, resulting in a powerful solution to move medicine forward.

From our simple-to-use microfluidic platforms to our full service contract research offerings for Cancer, Immuno-oncology, Vascular Biology and Neurobiology, AIM Biotech is leading the non-animal drug discovery revolution.

Explore AIM Biotech Solutions for Humanized Drug Discovery and Functional Precision Medicine

Introducing organiX: specifically made for Organoids and Biopsies

organiX is a revolution in Human Tissue and Biopsy Culture for Functional Precision Medicine and Drug Discovery

Designed to enable drug discovery and targeted therapies in large tissue samples like biopsies, organoids, tumoroids, spheroids and tissue aggregates, organiX allows for the detailed recreation of tissue and tumor microenvironments that is missing from current organoid research.

The ability to create actual physiological context for the study of these larger tissue samples is what sets organiX apart.

organiX Plate - Human Tissue | Translated.

organiX Plate

Amplify the power of organoid research and biopsy characterization with organiX


Culture – biopsies, organoids, tumor tumoroids, spheroids or any cell/tissue aggregate up to 2 mm in diameter


Contextualize – set assay conditions with perfusable vasculature, co-culture, signaling gradients and media flow for an in vivo-like tumor microenvironment (TME)


Extract – First, obtain real time high resolution imaging data and then easily extract tissue samples for downstream analysis

Level Up

Level Up! – Now revolutionize your fully contextualized organoid research utilizing conventional immunohistochemistry and next generation technologies like Digital Spatial Profiling

Your study. Our lab. Human data.

Contract research services for humanized, organ-on-a-chip studies

With AIM Biotech contract research services, increasing throughput while maintaining assay sophistication is our expertise. Our pharma-focused solutions combine speed and simplicity with the ability to model complex tissues that you expect from organ-on-a-chip assays.

Let AIM Biotech accelerate your drug discovery programs using our humanized BioAvatar Technology in our state-of-the-art research services lab. Our team can even work with you to design, develop, and execute custom assays to deliver human-focused, clinically-relevant results that move your drug discovery programs forward.

Custom assay development

Custom assay development

Custom assay development

Rapid humanized throughput

Functional immuno-oncology assays

Functional immuno-oncology assays

Answer primary research questions

Answer primary research questions

Data on routine screens

Data on routine screens

In-vitro organ models

In vitro organ models

Your path to predictive data and insightful diagnostics.


Simple-to-use, fully scalable microfluidic systems in plate and chip formats to recapitulate human physiology.



Validated protocols in T-cell efficiency, immunotherapies, cell migration, vasculogenesis and more



Custom assay development and higher-throughput, high-content screening with assays of  your choice

Reportable’s software and service helps companies be heard and make sense of what’s being said.


Feasibility studies
Drug/target ID
Mechanism of action
Assay development

Drug Discovery

In vitro screening
Lead optimization
ADME toxicity studies
Safety pharmacology


Cohort selection
Personal/targeted Tx
Clinical avatar

Leveraging AIM’s BioAvatar technology to tackle previously-unknown effects of immune protein ligands in tumors

Leveraging AIM’s BioAvatar technology to tackle previously-unknown effects of immune protein ligands in tumors

Although immune checkpoint protein PD-1 activation is known to participate in tumor development and to inhibit adoptive T cell therapy effects, the expression of its ligand PD-L1 during oncogenesis progression is not well understood. A group of scientists studied the mechanism of PD-L1...

New application note with AIM Biotech and Nikon: Evaluating CAR-T cell dynamics in a 3D tumor microenvironment using confocal imaging

New application note with AIM Biotech and Nikon: Evaluating CAR-T cell dynamics in a 3D tumor microenvironment using confocal imaging

 AIM Biotech and Nikon Instruments have produced a new application note demonstrating one way to more easily study the immune effects of Chimeric Antigen Receptor T (CAR-T) by combining AIM's three-dimensional idenTx cell assays with confocal imaging technology. The end result is a brilliantly...