New! organiX Plate – Human Tissue | Translated.

Specifically made for Organoids and Biopsies, organiX is a revolution in Human Tissue and Biopsy Culture
for Functional Precision Medicine and Drug Discovery

Unlock the potential of organoid research for cancer therapeutics with organiX from AIM Biotech.

The emergence of organoids for in vitro cancer research and drug development opens the door for new ways to assay tumor and tissue evolution and pharmacological responses. This is especially true as advances in real-time live cell imaging and new automated analytics like Digital Spatial Profiling become more widely leveraged.

While standard 2D tissue culture plates are convenient, they limit organoid research to free floating suspensions that lack experimental flexibility and more importantly prevent the creation of meaningful surrounding tissue context for the organoid, similar to studying the organoid in isolation.

organiX is an easy-to-use 3D tissue culture platform that uses a modified version of AIM Biotech’s BioAvatar-enabling microfluidic technology, specifically adapted to handle the requirements of larger tissues.

Now, you can easily recreate the complexities of the human tissue microenvironment, resulting in more meaningful, human data for preclinical drug discovery and functional precision medicine approaches.

organiX biopsies
organiX Plate

Amplify the power of organoid research and biopsy characterization with organiX


Culture – biopsies, organoids, tumor tumoroids, spheroids or any cell/tissue aggregate up to 2 mm in diameter


Contextualize – set assay conditions with perfusable vasculature, co-culture, signaling gradients and media flow for an in vivo-like tumor microenvironment (TME)


Extract – First, obtain real time high resolution imaging data and then easily extract tissue samples for downstream analysis

Level Up

Level Up! – Now revolutionize your fully contextualized organoid research utilizing conventional immunohistochemistry and next generation technologies like Digital Spatial Profiling


  • 24 independent experiments on a single organiX Plate
  • Same configuration of gel region and flanking media channels as the proven idenTx platform, optimized for large tissue samples up to 2mm in diameter
  • Easily extract intact tissue samples for histology
  • Integrated media wells at each end of media channels, 300uL each
  • Compliance with SBS/ANSI 384-well plate standard
  • Gas permeable laminate for effective gas exchange​​
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Sterile & ready-to-use


  • Easy scale-up of experiments and assays with up to 24 wells
  • Compatible with laboratory automation / robotic fluid handling
  • Compatible with a wide range of imaging modalities
  • Compatible with next generation analytical techniques like Digital Spatial Profiling
  • Establish physiological fluid flow and chemical gradients
  • Compatible with all polymerizable gels
  • Enables monotypic or organotypic co-culture models
  • Designed for rapid media exchange through vacuum aspiration with no risk of over-aspiration

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