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How to Handle Matrigel for 3D Cell Migration Assays

A researcher from China has been looking for an in vitro platform to run cancer cell migration assays. He found that AIM 3D Cell Culture Chips are suitable for his application as the chips offer useful features such as the ability to monitor live cell migration. However, he faced a problem in filling medium into the media channels without leakage, after filling the gel channel with Matrigel.

Tips and Tricks for Staining Cells in AIM Chips

AIM chips are compatible with various imaging techniques, including fluorescence microscopy. In order to visualize the cells with fluorescence microscopy, you can use fluorescence-labelled cells (such as GFP-tagged cells) or stain the cells with fluorophore. Here...

Tips and Tricks for Seeding Cells in 3D Gel Channels

One of the benefits of AIM chips is the ability to seed cells within a 3D hydrogel. This may sound challenging at first but it can be as simple as hydrogel filling once you learn how.   Always take the osmolarity of the final hydrogel solution into...

Tips and Tricks for Preparing Collagen I Gel

We understand that the preparation of collagen I gel can be daunting to new users. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get better in preparing collagen I gel.   Good pipetting skills and practices help minimize pipetting errors and reduce the formation...

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Tips and Tricks for Handling Matrigel

The handling of Matrigel can be tricky especially for first time users. You may find these tips and tricks useful.   Thaw Matrigel at 4 °C overnight (or at least 3 hours) before use. Matrigel can be handled more easily when it is completely thawed. Keep...

Tips and Tricks for Filling Hydrogel

First time users of hydrogels may find it challenging to work with viscous fluids. We recommend the following techniques to ensure pipetting accuracy and to keep the solution bubble-free.   Always prepare slightly more hydrogel than you need before you start...