idenTx Videos

General Protocol Guide

This video provides a general overview on using AIM Biotech’s cell culture chips. The videos in the Protocol series go into more details for various steps.

General Protocol Guide

Collagen Gel Preparation

This video covers the steps involved in the preparation of collagen type I gel. Collagen type I is the most abundant extracellular matrix and is commonly used as a 3D cell culture microenvironment.

collagen gel preparation

Gel Filling

This video shows to fill AIM Biotech’s 3D Cell Culture Chips with polymerisable hydrogels like collagen, fibrin, Matrigel, etc. The chips can then be used in co-culture, cell migration, and organotypic assays (such as angiogenesis and metastasis).

Media Channel Hydration

This video shows how to introduce cell culture media into AIM Biotech’s 3D Cell Culture Chips after setting up a channel with polymerised gel.

media channel hydration

Seeding Cells in Media Channels

This video covers the techniques for seeding cells in the media channel. The cells can be made to preferentially attach to the gel-media interface, or to be evenly distributed in the media channels

seeding cells

Media Replacement

This video shows how to replace cell culture media into AIM Biotech’s 3D Cell Culture Chips. The technique is demonstrated using red dye to represent old media, and dark blue dye to represent fresh media. The central channel is filled with a polymerised hydrogel that has also been dyed red.

media replacement