Application Notes

Confocal Imaging of in vitro BBB model using idenTx platform

Re-create the human Blood Brain Barrier in vitro to assess neurotherapeutic drug transport and neurovascular function with AIM Biotech’s idenTx-based BBB co-culture model and the Nikon AX/AX R Confocal Microscope.

Evaluating CAR-T cell dynamics in a 3D tumor microenvironment using confocal imaging

The immune effect of CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T) cell therapy can be evaluated more easily than conventional methods by using AIM idenTx 3D cell culture chips and 3D confocal imaging, such as with the Nikon AX microscope.

Cytokine Profiling for T Cell Immunotherapy Assays

The cytokine profile of liver cancer / T cell / monocyte tri-culture in AIM 3DT Cell Culture Chips can be determined using AYOXXA Lunaris™ 11-Plex Cytokine Kit.

“Creating Multiple Organotypic Models on a Single 3D Cell Culture Platform”, BioTechniques 62:132-133 (March 2017) doi 10.2144/000114526

Different organotypic models, including 3D cell invasion, angiogenesis, vasculogenesis and cancer metastasis models can be devised using AIM 3DT Cell Culture Chips.