idenTx 40 Plate

New! idenTx 40 Plate – Human biology-on-a-chip. Multiplied.

Harness AIM’s sophisticated organ on a chip technology and unbeatable ease-of-use, now in a standard SBS plate format that enables 40 simultaneous experiments on a single plate.

The idenTx 40 Plate is all about increasing throughput for critical drug discovery assays that require accurate recreation of human microphysiology, all while working seamlessly with the downstream analytical instruments you already have.



  • 40 independent experiments on a single idenTx 40 Plate
  • Same experiment channels as other idenTx systems, just more compact
  • Compliance with the SBS/ANSI 384-well plate standard
  • Stackable to minimize incubator space usage
  • Built-in fluid reservoirs and plate cover for evaporation control
  • Gas permeable laminate for effective gas exchange​​
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Sterile & ready-to-use


  • Easy scale-up of experiments and assays from other idenTx systems
  • Compatible with laboratory automation / robotic fluid handling
  • Compatible with a wide range of imaging modalities
  • Compatible with all polymerizable gels
  • Enables monotypic or organotypic co-culture models
  • Designed for rapid media exchange through vacuum aspiration with no risk of over-aspiration

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