idenTx 3 Chip

New! idenTx 3 Chip – Human biology-on-a-chip. Simplified.

The idenTx 3 chip is AIM Biotech’s proven 3D Cell Culture Chip, now part of the idenTx family.  Designed in a microscope slide format enabling 3 simultaneous experiments, the idenTx 3 chip makes it easy to create 3D microphysiological systems for molecular research, drug discovery & development, and design of targeted therapeutics. It is ideal for establishing experimental feasibility or for general low-throughput applications, and it’s modular design fits into your current laboratory workflow without the need for additional dedicated equipment.

Quickly and easily create your own assays or apply validated assay protocols for angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, metastasis (spheroid dispersion, intra- & extravasation), immuno-oncology (immune checkpoint, T-cell killing efficiency), 3D culture of tumor spheroids/ biopsies/ organoids, and other organotypic models.

idenTx 9 Plate


  • A single idenTx 3 chip enables three independent experiments
  • Designed for modular expansion using our Luer connectors
  • Fits into our microtiter plate holders for easy handling and stacking
  • Gas permeable laminate for effective gas exchange​​​
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Sterile & ready-to-use


  • Easily transfer to other idenTx systems for future higher throughput assays
  • ​Compatible with a wide range of imaging modalities
  • Compatible with all polymerizable gels
  • Enables monotypic or organotypic co-culture models
  • Enables the control of interstitial flow across the 3D gel region
  • Enables the control of chemical gradients across the 3D gel region
  • Designed for rapid media exchange through vacuum aspiration with no risk of over-aspiration

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