European Parliament votes to end animal testing in favor of using human models

In a major win for animal rights and an equally major validation of humanized preclinical models, the European Parliament has approved a resolution aimed at phasing out lab animal testing in favor of alternative modern technology, like organ-on-a-chip models.

Citing benefits like better rates of clinical success for drug candidates when tested with humanized models compared to animal studies, the vote puts heavy political pressure on the EU’s governing body to implement an action plan that would replace animal testing with the kinds of models AIM specializes in, among others.

We here at AIM see this as a big step forward for medical research. The technology to improve drug discovery while also reducing demand for lab animals is already here, and at AIM, we’re improving on it every day. You can check out more about this historic vote on While you’re here, also consider taking a look at just how AIM’s unique take on organ-on-a-chip technology can improve your preclinical study.

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