Vasculogenesis Split
48 hour time lapse video of vascular network formation
Vasculogenesis Gradient

A 3D projected confocal image of a HUVEC microvascular network in an idenTx  chip. Stained with Hoechst for cell nuclei, and with Alexa-fluo-488 for VE-cadherin.

Epifluorescence image of a HUVEC microvascular network, captured with Etaluma LS720. Blind deconvolution on z-stack of 43 images using Microvolution
Vasculogenesis Particle Flow
Particles flowing into a perfusable microvascular network


The idenTx chip design is suitable for vasculogenesis assays; however, the detailed protocols for the AIM chips are currently being developed. Please refer to (9) in the publication list below for the protocol to conduct this assay in AIM chips or (3) and (4) papers that used PDMS versions of the chip to conduct this assay.

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