Spheroid Dispersion

Cancer spheroid dispersion assays are used to model the epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) that occurs in the early stages of cancer metastasis.

Pre-formed cancer spheroids can be seeded in the 3D hydrogel region of AIM chips and co-cultured with secondary cell types (such as endothelial cells) to mimic the tumor microenvironment more accurately.

Cancer cell migration rates and other details of the dispersion process can be monitored closely in real time to gain insights into metastatic events.

Spheroid Dispersion


The idenTx chip design is suitable for cancer spheroid dispersion assays; however, the detailed protocols for the AIM chips are currently being developed. Please refer to (1) in  the publication list below for protocols using PDMS versions of the chip.

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  1. Aref, A.R., et al., Screening therapeutic EMT blocking agents in a three-dimensional microenvironment. Integrative Biology, 2013. 5(2): p. 381-389.

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