AIM Biotech partners with Nikon to provide organ-on-a-chip imaging and analysis contract services for drug discovery

Nikon Corporation announced on Wednesday that AIM Biotech is one of the select organ-on-a-chip (OOAC) providers to support Nikon’s expanding global contract research services for drug discovery.

This partnership is a result of collaborative efforts between Nikon and AIM Biotech to demonstrate the effectiveness of OOAC approaches, particularly AIM’s idenTx platform, for the purpose of accelerating drug discovery. Nikon is particularly interested in the ability of OOAC to recapitulate human microphysiology far more realistically than conventional 2D tissue culture methods.

Three-dimensional image of a cell culture made using AIM’s idenTx chips and Nikon’s AX confocal microscope.

As an example of Nikon’s initiative in this space, Nikon and AIM Biotech scientists have optimized the experimental conditions and step-by-step processes of using the Nikon AX confocal microscope in conjunction with the AIM Biotech idenTx 9 Plate to evaluate CAR-T cell dynamics in a realistic tumor microenvironment using confocal imaging. You can check out the application note published from that collaboration here.

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